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Pastor Rick Mullins is the senior pastor of the Evangel Church of God. He and his wife, Rita, came to Evangel with 30 plus years of pastoral experience. Pastor Mullins previously served as Regional Ministries Director for the New York Church of God State Executive Offices. He has preached and ministered throughout the United States, Europe and the Caribbean. He also taught evangelism and church growth seminars. His desire is to walk in integrity and in the calling that God has placed on his life. He is an avid teacher and anointed preacher. He is also the author of the book "Live Man Walking".  This book is a guide for men to walk in victory and has ministered to Men's Ministry Groups across the region.  

His wife, Rita, has been the love of his life for the past 40 years. Their daughter, Stephanie, her husband and children are a huge part of the church where she serves as  Worship & Music Pastor and is an anointed vocalist.  Their son, Rick and his wife are currently working in China. They are blessed with six grandchildren and are so thankful for the faithfulness of God.

"Live Man Walking"


“Living free from the past" is etched in a fundamental theory
that freedom lies in rebound from the things which bind us in habitual stances of behavior,
seldom released, except through Divine intervention.
“Live Man Walking” is a positive and optimistic approach from a sordid expression of death.

This book is a bright shining light in a shadow of human self-tooling
and fear of change and a pleasant tomorrow.
It is a call to men of all ages and stations to relinquish
what might become a reminding painful past to a revitalizing character for change.

There is no need any longer for men to indulge in a meaningless walk
in spiritual and psychological bondage and oppression
while there is freedom throughout the everlasting love of God.

There is exceeding grace abounding to men especially.
There is no doubt that God frees men from any type of entanglement.
If there is any doubt in your mind, this book can help you dismiss it in a timely manner.
The author is right on cue for signaling a timely and pointed rational for transition into self-actualizing.

The sound is deafening to those who need to hear it a second time, because of the fear
of walking freely from an overly damaged ego.
This book shows how to move the self-defeating burden of defeat of a man to knowing
he can freely walk without fear of revenge or vengeance from God,
"for whom the Son has set free is free indeed".

This is a road map from the graveyard of self-defeat to a place where live men can walk.
This is today's possibility where Christ made that clear to us through His
resurrection and ascension.
In St. John 11: 25, Christ said, He is the resurrection and the life.

I encourage a careful study of this book in devotion,
as well as, study group discussion where men especially can come face to face with the issue
of his inability to accept God's complete deliverance from a sordid past.

This book is a testimony of the wondrous grace and power of God that says,
"loose him, and let him go" from which we were chained in sin.

Dr. Rupert Clarke, Pastor
Yonkers Church of God, Yonkers, New York    


In his book, Live Man Walking, Bishop Rick Mullins uses his pastoral experience
and proves that God has the power to deliver man from his depravity.

The book addresses a problem many of us face as
we journey through life – the dilemma of dealing with the issues of the past.

Pastor Mullins shows us that it doesn’t matter how low one has fallen,
God’s desire is to restore mankind and put him on the right path.

Live Man Walking is a great tool for the Body of Christ, especially those involved in Men’s Ministry.

Bishop Andrew Binda, Missions Director, Asia/Pacific Regions

(Former Administrative Bishop, New York Church of God)

 Rick Mullins is a pastor.  Pastors have a God given gift to see potential in the most unlikely circumstances.
In his book, “Live Man Walking”, he reflects this insight by challenging man's mortal enemy death.

As you read these pages you hear the cry to "be all you can be" in a spiritual sense over and over.

His presentation of the transformational power of the Gospel followed by
redemption - rise make this goal attainable.
Even our worst enemy is swallowed up in victory.

I hope you are as inspired as I was with Pastor Mullins’ thesis.
We are all made alive in the Spirit.

G. Dennis McGuire, USA Missions
Director Multi-Cultural Ministries
(Former General Overseer)
International Church of God

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