Reggie & Angel Cherenfant

Reggie & Angel  Cherenfant

Reggie & Angel Cherenfant

Youth & Young Adult Pastors


Reggie & Angel Cherenfant serve as the Youth & Young adult pastors for Evangel church of God. They equally having a burning passion for reaching the youth and young adult of this generation. Their hearts are on fire as they hear the cry of this generation and seek to answer the call through God’s love and word. Their goal is to promote an inclusive space where Youth and Young adults can experience God through worship, word, and fellowship.


They are both licensed ministers in the Church of God

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With Joy, I bring my tithe and offerings into the storehouse. My tithe and offerings now belong to God.
I claim an open window blessing, I claim an overflowing blessing,
My needs are met according to His riches in glory. My family is blessed.
My children are blessed. I am blessed.